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  • 2013 PhD, Economics, Washington State University

  • 2012 MA, Statistics, Washington State University

  • 2007 BS, Computer Science, GuiZhou Normal University

  • 2005-2006, Exchange to study at YeungNam University, Korea

Fields of Interest:

  • International Economics

  • Financial Economics

  • Econometrics


  • Gallardo,R.K. and Q.Wang,Willingness to Pay for Pesticides' Environmental Features and Social Desirability Bias: The Case of Apple and Pear Growers. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics,vol 38 (1),2013.

  • Qianqian Wang and Seung Mo Choi:CoMovement of the Chinese and U.S. Aggregate Stock Returns. Applied Economics (forthcoming).

Working Papers

  • Wang,Q.and M.J.Gibson,Exporters in Cross Section:Direct vs.Intermediated trade

  • Wang,Q.and M.J.Gibson, Free Trade Zone, Uncertainty, and Economic Growth

  • Wang,Q.and S.M.Choi,Chinese Stocks in Cross Section

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